• 5th International Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition
  • 1-4 December 2021
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India's biggest is at Eurasia Elevator Exhibition

India's largest encoder manufacturer JENCODER is coming to CNR Eurasia Elevator Exhibition. The company which manufactures world-class incremental shaft encoders is also a technology partner of the US Encoder Products Company.
JENCODER, one of the most important foreign participants in the exhibition, is a proven brand in numerous markets. Inkjet printing, Textiles, Elevators, Medical Equipment, Packaging, Laminating/coating, Rotogravures, Winders/unwinders, Windmills, Material Handling, and Servo Motor feedback are just a few examples of the countless applications served by JENCODER.
The JENCODER brand offers encoders in industry standard packages from size 38 to 58, large bore sizes up to 55mm. Unique Opto-ASIC technology from EPC provides a clean and reliable signal and allows you to use an unbreakable disc for resolutions up to 8192 PPR.
JENCODER will welcome its visitors at CNR Expo Yeşilköy's 5th Hall, Booth # 5M 04.