• 5th International Elevator, Escalator Industry and Technologies Exhibition
  • 8-11 September 2022
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How does the elevator industry digitally transform?

The elevator Industry, and especially the multinational organizations, now offer a technology where elevators can send data to the intelligent cloud, calculating the information to determine the required maintenance.


Digital transformation is a necessity and not a preference anymore, this is why companies in Turkey are quickly going through a digital transformation with the leadership of The Ministry of Industry and Technology.


R&D and engineering teams with financial power began to take powerful steps to adjust to this fast transformation.


Companies who manufacture in smart factories started to use the technology which connects elevators with the IoT-based systems to monitor and control them, where the remaining lifetime of each elevator’s key components and systems are calculated, determining which parts will require maintenance and when.


This technology makes it possible to call the elevator with a cell phone from outside the building.


This digital evolution has affected manufacturers and maintenance companies of the industry as well.